Angel Di Maria thanks burglars for giving him legitimate reason to leave Manchester United

Di Maria looks set to leave Old Trafford for PSG. (Photo: Sky Sports)

Di Maria looks set to leave Old Trafford for PSG. (Photo: Sky Sports)

As he prepares to leave Manchester United and move to French champions PSG, Argentine midfielder Angel Di Maria has released a statement thanking manager Louis van Gaal, his fellow players, the fans and most of all, the burglars who broke into his home last season for giving him a solid reason to leave the club.

The former Real Madrid man arrived at Old Trafford last summer amid much fanfare but after some promising displays he was unable to settle at the club.

His time in Manchester was made even more tumultuous after his house was burgled, leaving his family terrified, and he took the time to thank those responsible for giving him a legitimate reason to depart England without much explanation.

“I had my time at Manchester United. It may not have worked out as expected but the manager, the players and the fans were all good to me. But most of all, I want to thank the burglars who broke into my house and scared my family for making this move away from the club as easy as possible,” read the statement.

“No one asked any questions, few people even talk about my performances on the pitch. This burglary and the men responsible will always have a special place in my heart for making my move smoother than I could have ever imagined,” he added.

“Now let us all forget about this chapter in our lives,” the statement concluded.

Di Maria added that he looked forward to moving to the safe haven of central Europe where, as far as he is aware, the concept of crime has long since been forgotten.

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