LAD Bible readers hold midnight vigil as Twitter prepares to clamp down on joke plagiarism


The offices of the LAD Bible were a scene of unbridled pain and sadness last night as tens of thousands of the website’s readers held a midnight vigil in response to Twitter’s announcement to crack down on joke plagiarism on the platform.

The website, founded in 2012 and once considered the pinnacle of journalism, had been hit with scandals in recent years as it emerged that they had plagiarised every word they had ever written.

The news that social media platform Twitter would be cracking down on plagiarism was welcomed by many across the site but caused consternation among LAD Bible readers, many of whom described the decision as “#badbanter” and “#notLADS” on the site.

The enormous crowd – reportedly made up exclusively of under developed males – held a vigil outside the company’s London offices last night while drinking cans. Various members of the assembled crowd help up signs with their favourite stolen joke on them. After a number of hours, the crowd turned on each other, leaving nine dead.

“It’s so sad, lad,” said one attendee. “All they want to do is make people laugh and take the piss out of homos, women, weirdos and plebs. What’s wrong with that?!”

At press time LAD Bible were said to be considering hiring human beings to write their new content, replacing the 450 monkeys who had previously made up their editorial staff.

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