Richard Scudamore unveils new ripped and glistening body ahead of Premier League season

Premier League chief executive today unveiled his stunning new physique ahead of the Premier League season.

A picture taken at today’s press conference.

With jeans unbuttoned, legs wide, shirt off and pectoral muscles oiled excessively, Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore shocked guests at tonight’s launch of the 2015/16 Premier League season with a full frontal reveal of his newly ripped body.

Scudamore, who has been been in his role since 1999, was speaking about the dangers of racism and homophobia in the game when, according to sources in attendance, he stepped to the side of the podium and “fairly sensually” removed his shirt.

“He walked across the stage over the course of about five or six minutes,” confirmed one of the guests. “There was no music or anything, just utter silence. At first we didn’t know what to think but gradually, seeing how confident he was about it all, everyone got into it in a big way.”

“He was pretty violently gyrating,” added another member of the audience. “You could hear him saying ‘Yeah, yeahhh!’ under his breath as he surveyed the crowd, and he wouldn’t stop biting his lip throughout.”

“It was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen,” confirmed one source.

Scudamore is said to have been mere seconds away from taking off his dark boot cut jeans to reveal his presumably toned buttocks before stopping, coyly looking at his audience and whispering into the microphone, “Have a great season.”

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