Chelsea’s Jose Mourinho “fully confident” of competing on numerous argumentative fronts this season


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Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has today stated that he is “fully confident” in his ability to compete aggressively on numerous argumentative fronts throughout the season.

Already deep into rows with both Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger and Real Madrid manager Rafa Benitez before the season has even begun, many members of the football world had wondered whether the Portuguese manager was stretching himself too thin too early.

Mourinho though, speaking on Chelsea’s pre-season, was quick to dismiss such concerns.

“This is what we train for,” said the former Real Madrid manager. “Throughout the summer I’ll be starting meaningless arguments with my wife and family, all at the same time, so I’m able to do it when it really counts.”

“When I’m not doing that, I’m picking fights with children, or the infirm, essentially anything to keep me mentally sharp and physically unscathed,” added Mourinho.

“You don’t want to be arguing with just one or two people. You want to argue with the best across Europe, up until the final days of the season.”

In an unusually candid moment, he did admit that waging several wars at once can be slightly confusing, citing an incident last season during which he berated Arsene Wenger over the quality of the Premier League’s referees and kicked a squirrel for burning his dinner.

Despite his confidence, concerns remain over whether the former Inter man can allay early mental fatigue, especially after a gruelling campaign last year during which he took on every living being in English football.

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