Michel Platini vows to return benefits of FIFA corruption to Europe in rousing campaign address

(Photo: Star Africa)

(Photo: Star Africa)

Days after announcing his intention to run for the role of FIFA president, UEFA president Michel Platini has vowed to do right by his home continent and return the benefits of football corruption to Europe in a rousing first campaign speech.

“For too long, the corruption in FIFA has only benefitted the Middle East and Asia. This is a blight on our great game and simply cannot go on,” said the former France captain.

“If I’m elected, I’ll make sure the main beneficiaries of our bribery are those in the footballing heartland of Europe.”

The charm offensive comes after speculation that Platini, despite being UEFA president, lacked the support of the continent’s football associations, who have stated that too often FIFA’s brand of trickle down corruption has done little for them.

“People come up to me every day complaining about the state of FIFA, and they’re right. For decades, Europe has bribed and bribed and seen very little return for its hard work,” added Platini. “That ends today.”

Platini added without a hint of irony that if he can achieve as much as FIFA president as he has at UEFA, he’d be a happy man.

Earlier this year, police were called to Platini’s property after his glasshouse was destroyed by stones.

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