Millions dangerously close to revealing bad opinions as podcast drought continues

(Photo: Business Insider)

(Photo: Business Insider)

A warning has been issued by the United Nations today after it emerged that millions of football fans are on the brink of revealing their total and utter lack of knowledge about the game as the summer’s podcast drought continues into another month.

Since the drought began at the end of May, the UN have reported an ever growing number of cases of bad opinions, unsubstantiated claims and hypocrisy from fans confused and afraid of the lack of footballing guidance provided by their weekly dose of podcasts.

“It’s really quite grave,” said a spokesperson for the UN. “These people don’t know where their next sensible opinion is going to come from.”

While there remains a number of podcasts being released throughout the summer months, experts say that it’s just not enough given the amount of fans in need of their own, unique stolen opinion.

“During the fertile months of the season, it matters less that these people are making other people’s opinions their own, because there’s so much out there. But when we get to this stage of the year, podcasts are so few and far between that people are ripping each other apart for one point of view regardless of its credence,” added the spokesperson.

With a strong current of podcasts said to be on the verge of returning for the new season, it is hoped that fans will not have to suffer much longer but the UN have warned that even that may not be enough.

The organisation has appealed to the football community to donate their opinions as soon as possible to avoid any further hardship.

At press time fans were said to be listening to last season’s podcasts in the hopes of finding something they had missed out on.

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