PSG new man Angel Di Maria expresses admiration at “rich history” of club the same age as his uncle


Ahead of his move to PSG, Argentine midfielder Angel Di Maria has today spoken of his admiration of the “rich history” of the 44 year old club.

“I cannot wait to get started. This club has such a rich history. It’s almost as old as my father and almost twice as old as me, which is really something,” said the former Benfica man.

Refusing to discuss his time at Manchester United, Di Maria instead chose to focus on his excitement at representing the club managed by Laurent Blanc.

“To play under a manager like that, with players like this, at a club the same age as my uncle is just remarkable, the stuff of dreams,” he added.

“In fact, as far as I’m aware the club is the exact same age as my uncle. That really means a lot to me. My uncle has a bad foot so I never got to play football with him. That was always one of my dreams – to play football with my uncle with the gammy foot – and in many ways moving to PSG helps me achieve that.”

“It will be like playing with my uncle every weekend,” continued the winger.

Di Maria said that it was testament to the club’s history and success that it had achieved so much more success in its life than his uncle, who is the same age.

“My uncle, despite my love for him, hasn’t done shit compared to PSG. They have outshone him in almost every regard and that’s just one of the reasons I’m so proud to become a part of this side. I want to achieve what my uncle sadly hasn’t. It’s a burden he carries, and one I hope to try and lift,” said an emotional Di Maria.

“If I can achieve as much this club has by the time I reach their age, I’ll be a happy man.”

Di Maria finished the interview by stating his wish to introduce his uncle to PSG, suggesting that since they’re both the same age they’d probably get on really well.

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