Angel Di Maria bemoans former Man Utd teammates’ refusal to learn Rioplatense Spanish


(Photo: Manchester Evening News)

New Paris Saint-Germain player Angel Di Maria has today bemoaned his former Manchester United teammates’ refusal to learn Rioplatense Spanish, citing it as one of the main reasons he struggled to settle at the Premier League club.

Speaking at a press conference after being unveiled as the newest signing for the Parisien Ligue 1 holders, the former Real Madrid man was frank about his struggles at Old Trafford.

Admitting that the burglary of his home took its toll, as well as the cold weather, the winger stated that he was “beside himself” with sadness when he realised how little effort his teammates were making for him – foremost their total lack of effort in learning Rioplatense Spanish, a dialect spoken also in Buenos Aires and Montevideo.

“You know, when you arrive at a new club in a new country the language is very important. I knew that it would be vital to my settling in immediately. Sadly, none of my teammates tried to learn even a couple of words of Rioplatense Spanish. It was very disappointing,” said the 66 time capped Argentine.

“Truthfully, I knew it wasn’t going to work as soon as I asked Phil Jones a really simple question in Spanish and he looked back at me like I was a ghost,” he added.

“It’s give and take with these things and the least the squad could have done was get their Rioplatense Spanish to at least a conversational level.”

Before meeting up with his new teammates, Di Maria stated that football is a team sport, and if your supposed teammates aren’t even willing to learn your specific dialect and language, teamwork is going to be very hard to come by.

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