Volatile Jose Mourinho turns on self


Jose Mourinho’s increasingly volatile relationship with members of Chelsea’s staff is reported to have taken a further turn after the Portuguese manager had a major bust up with himself at the club’s training ground this afternoon, according to club sources.

The former Real Madrid coach is said to have muttered something under his breath while alone at lunch and, not realising he had said it himself, launched a verbal tirade into the otherwise empty room.

Sources peaking through the door of the club’s canteen confirmed to media outlets that they witnessed Mourinho swearing uncontrollably at a mirror on the wall and hurling food and drinks towards it.

The manager is then said to have ran throughout the training complex shouting “Catch the beast” at the top of his voice.

Only when all mirrors were completely obscured did the manager calm down, according to sources, after which he was found scrawling a depiction of his own face on the wall of the building’s reception area.

The incident comes just hours after the revelation that the manager had banished team doctor Eva Carneiro from club matches after what he called “naive” behaviour in her treating a supposedly injured Eden Hazard at the weekend.

At press time Mourinho has ordered the removal of all mirrors from the training ground and Stamford Bridge lest he see “that vile man” again.

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