Some of my best mothers, sisters and daughters are women, says defiant Mourinho in sexism row


Jose Mourinho has come out swinging over allegations that he is sexist by stating that he couldn’t possibly be one, since some of his best mothers, sisters and daughters are women, and always have been.

The manager has been labelled as sexist in the aftermath of his dispute with Chelsea club doctor Eva Carneiro and subsequent claims that he removed her from the dressing room due to players being uncomfortable over the presence of a woman.

Mourinho however has disputed these claims, stating that any allegations of sexism are unfounded given his having a mother, sister and daughter. Anyone who thinks otherwise is “oversensitive, like a little girly girl” said the 52 year old.

“How can I be sexist? My mother is a woman and I married one for God’s sake,” said the Portuguese manager. “I could have married a man, sure. But I didn’t because I love women, and not just for their wonderful, bountiful bodies.”

Recent reports have also claimed that Mourinho loves his daughter and wife, something he confirmed today.

“That is true. I have no prejudices against them. They may be women but I love them and I always have. I care deeply for my daughter despite her lacking many key attributes of leadership that both myself and JoJu (his son Jose Junior) possess. But my fondness for her is deep, it’s like she’s my own flesh and blood.”

“I could’ve done away with my younger sister on many occasions as a youth too, but I chose not to. I openly accepted her into intelligent dialogue, to the best of my abilities at least,” stated the former Real Madrid manager.

Mourinho added that his commitment to accepting all people, including women, meant that he regularly listens to his wife’s “constant gibbering” and his daughter’s “shit talk about dolls and shit like that”.

“When they’re nagging me with their usual crap about dresses or cleaning, do I tell them to shut up or leave? No, I sit and listen, regardless of how mind numbing it is.”

Mourinho also refuted claims that he had given his daughter Matilde the same name as his wife so he would remember to love her, calling it an “egregious and barely credible” rumour.

In an attempt to put the sexism allegations to bed, Mourinho stated that though women are often a distraction, he couldn’t think of a better one to have around.

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