Bayern Munich forward Thomas Muller admits interest in leading Man Utd on to get an improved contract



For the first time amid growing speculation, Bayern Munich forward Thomas Muller has admitted that he would consider giving Manchester United the impression that he’d like to sign for them in order to gain an improved contract at the Bavarian club.

Rumours have circulated all summer regarding the 25 year old’s future at the club after a frustrating season in 2014/15 under Pep Guardiola.

Muller is said to have been enthused by the situation surrounding Sergio Ramos at Real Madrid in recent weeks, who appeared close to leaving the club amid United interest, before signing a bumper new contract.

He admitted after Bayern’s 5-0 opening weekend win over Hamburg that he was tempted by the idea of giving the impression that he’d like to join Louis van Gaal’s men.

“Manchester United are a great club,” said the Germany international. “You see some of the great players that played there, and even now, my good friend Bastian Schweinsteiger has raved about the club. I think it would be a real honour for any player to one day use their interest to get improved terms here at my current club.”

Muller added that he had watched Manchester United’s transfer dealings for years and has been really impressed in the manner in which their targets often get much improved contracts.

“It’s very impressive,” he said. “The club have a phenomenal record.”

Muller stated that though he’d rather gain a new improved contract without using another club, one never knows what the future holds.

“Football is football and you can never rule anything out.”

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