Manchester United in surprise bid for whichever player can generate most clicks for websites


Manchester United are said to be planning a surprise late bid for whichever player can generate the most clicks for online publications, according to media sources.

After a first half to the season which has seen the club struggle to attain the heights expected, United have turned to whatever footballer is going to bring the most page views to The Daily Mail, The Metro and others.

“The club have been monitoring whoever generates lots and lots of hits in a short amount of time,” said a source today.

United’s interest in whatever striker brings the most advertising revenue to various online newspaper websites has long been publicised, but interest has intensified recently, and United have expressed admiration for his ability.

“We’re very impressed with what he’s capable of,” said a source within the club. “Clicks, featuring in banners, our scouts say that his mere presence drives ad revenue up no end. In this market, you can’t ignore that.”

At press time, media sources claim that even if United are successful in their pursuit of whatever player can generate the most clicks, they’ll continue to pursue the player that will generate the most clicks.