Local man sees nothing in one La Liga game he watched last season to suggest quality will be any better this year


The new La Liga season is set to be as low on quality and competitiveness as ever, according to local man Lee Grem.

Speaking to those within earshot at his local public house, The Swan, Grem said that based on his experience of watching one Spanish league match last year, it looks like it’s going to disappoint again.

“I hate to say it, I just don’t see the quality there,” said the 27 year old accountant who gave it many chances to impress him during the entirely of the match. “There’s two good teams and otherwise it’s just a huge quality gap.”

Stating that you glean more from Vines and YouTube videos than many might think, Grem said he’d noticed that Spain’s other teams just aren’t of the same standard as their English counterparts.

“If it was all that, the money would be there, but it’s not. I’m afraid I might have to avoid it altogether this season if it continues in the fashion I noticed last year.”

From his total of 90 minutes of viewing, Grem stated he couldn’t help but notice how much less physical it was than the Premier League, a tell-tale sign of its true standard. He added that it’s “fucking boring too”.

In general, the attentive audience agreed with Grem on the topic, with one vocal attendee stating that anything other than English football “simply isn’t worth watching”.

Grem added that having watched Serie A four or five years ago, it ain’t too fresh either.

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