Wayne Rooney assures Man Utd fans that the worst is yet to come

(Photo: Express)

(Photo: Express)

Manchester United captain Wayne Rooney has sought to allay concerns over his performances among supporters by assuring them that on the full scale of how badly he can play, this is merely the tip of the iceberg.

The England international has come in for a lot of criticism since the beginning of the season for his slow, unresponsive playing style. Rooney however feels that that criticism is not proportionate, especially given how much worse he expects to get.

“I understand that fans aren’t happy with my performances,” said the former Everton man. “But I would ask that perhaps they have a little perspective. I feel like I’ve turned a corner personally. This period of form will seem pretty good when we all look back at it.”

Addressing concerns about his weight and fitness, Rooney looked to the future. “I get the fans’ concerns, but just give it a bit of time. In two years, when I’m still on this contract and earning this money, many of the fans criticising me now will be wishing they had the 2015 Wayne Rooney back.”

“Literally,” he added. “I’m barely going to be able to move.”

Rooney added that as you get older, footballers have an uncanny ability to sense when the next patch of form is around the corner and that his body has given him “no indication whatsoever” that one is coming any time soon.

“If the fans stay patient with me,” added the captain. “I’m confident I can show them just how much worse I can get.”