Jose Mourinho mad about something, not sure what, after Chelsea beat West Brom


Stating that the win was good but something surely must be wrong, Jose Mourinho confirmed to media after Chelsea’s win against West Brom that he was certainly mad, just not sure what about.

Chelsea won their first game of the season, defeating West Brom 3-2 at the Hawthorns this afternoon, with new signing Pedro grabbing the crucial first.

Mourinho admitted that he was happy with the win before adding that despite this, he is “mad as hell”.

“I’m furious,” exclaimed the coach. “I’m not exactly certain why I am but someone, somewhere is surely in for a mouthful.”

“There’ll be hell to pay….” added the former Real Madrid manager before temporarily zoning out.

When asked by a member of the assembled media if John Terry’s red card for bringing down Rondon was the source of his anger Mourinho paused and grimaced before shaking his head.

Mourinho continued, stating that it was on the “tip of [his] fucking tongue” and to “give [him] a second”.

“That’s it, YES! James Morrison! What’s the deal? First he was a singer and now he’s a footballer? It’s a joke!” shouted Mourinho before being informed by his press officer that the two James Morrisons were different people.

He also took aim at True Detective season two before eventually admitting that wasn’t why he was annoyed.

At press time Mourinho was recounting to journalists all the things that could possibly have made him mad throughout the week in the hope of pinpointing the one in question.

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