Real Madrid fans delighted to get chance to boo team so early in season


Real Madrid fans have expressed their delight at having the opportunity to boo the team’s players so soon into their domestic season.

Rafa Benitez’ side began their La Liga campaign away to Sporting Gijon yesterday. Despite being expected to triumph, they left with a 0-0 draw.

Feint murmurs of booing could be heard around the ground at various stages throughout the match with star player Cristiano Ronaldo coming in for criticism.

Far from being unhappy with the result however, fan groups were beside themselves with delight at being able to boo their idols so early.

“The team generally starts pretty well, so we usually have to wait a while before we can boo,” said Manuel Jimenez.

“To get the chance to really lay it on them at such an early stage is a welcome treat.”

Such was the surprise of the spectacle on offer, added Jimenez, that many fans didn’t even think to bring their signature white hankies, a mistake he says “shan’t happen again”.

Despite their delight, fans did issue an apology for the poor booing on offer, stating that they “simply didn’t have adequate time” to prepare but that early season cobwebs were “par for the course”.

Despite being called upon earlier than expected, Madrid fan groups have told the public to keep an ear out for the “refined tones” and “harmonic boos” they’ll be debuting this season.

Jimenez added that “once [they] get a good run going, [they’ll] be unstoppable, and very loud”.

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