Manchester United to offer Neymar “near full” dental plan in strategic transfer move


As speculation intensifies over Manchester United’s dealings in the remaining days of the transfer window, it has been revealed by sources close to the club that executive vice chairman Ed Woodward will offer Barcelona forward Neymar near full dental care in a bid to bring the star to Old Trafford.

Stating that he couldn’t believe he hadn’t thought of it before, sources say Woodward laid out in clear detail how he plans to entice the Brazilian to the Premier League with the offer of “near full dental care”.

“It’s a great deal,” said a club source. “I mean, this covers pretty much everything. Obviously, it doesn’t allow for veneers or anything fancy like that but in terms of dental treatment for actual conditions, it’s an exceptional offer.”

“Ed is always thinking outside of the box but this one came straight out of left field,” said another club insider. “It was staring us in the face all along and we didn’t even see it.”

Citing the argument that “everyone wants nice teeth” Woodward is expected to present the deal to the former Santos man’s representatives next week.

At press time club officials have stated that should the dental plan offer fail to attract Neymar’s attention, they have another ace up their sleeve in the form of half price daycare for one of his child.

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