Profile of new Manchester United signing Anthony Martial


Reports from France today suggest that AS Monaco forward Anthony Martial is on the verge of a move to Premier League club Manchester United.

The story has taken many by surprise, especially given the forward’s relatively low profile in the game. To try and help those unfamiliar with him, here’s our profile on Manchester United’s newest acquisition.


  • Unable to speak or walk at birth, with hard work and perseverance he has since grown to nearly 6 foot tall and can see without the need for glasses or contact lenses.
  • Has a tattoo which reads “NO TIME FOR GRASSES” on the backs of both legs.
  • Only member of current France squad capable of reciting all the lyrics to Garth Brooks’ 1990 hit The Dance.
  • Only has two hands.


  • Knows that the real trophy is friendship.
  • Has no time for grasses.
  • Hopes to return to Monaco one day to rule as king.
  • Speaking to media last year, said his dream was always “to move to an under pressure Premier League giant and have the expectation of millions of people on [his] shoulders before achieving much in the game”.
  • His life’s ambition is to never die.

Whether or not Martial will succeed in the Premier League is anyone’s guess. As you can see, he’s a complex and talented character, one that is sure to still be alive come the end of the season.

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