Man Utd’s David De Gea hits gym to prepare for another season of carrying club

De Gea has been putting in the hours to prepare for the ample weight soon to be placed upon his shoulders.

De Gea has been working hard to prepare for the ample weight soon to be placed upon his shoulders.

Saying that it never gets any easier, Manchester United goalkeeper David De Gea arrived at the club’s gymnasium today at the Carrington training ground to begin a new workout regime as he prepares to carry the club through yet another season, sources at the club have reported.

De Gea had reportedly skipped his usual rigorous and time consuming back workout regime during pre-season, deeming it unnecessary ahead of his expected move to Real Madrid. However, the breakdown of said move has left the disappointed Spaniard well behind preparation for shouldering the burden of the Manchester club.

“Dave’s been in today and he’s a little rusty,” said the club’s head of strength and conditioning Tony Strudwick this afternoon. “He was visibly tired and upset after our training match, perhaps realising what he has in store for himself this season, so we got him straight into the gym after lunch to work on some deadlifts and inverted rows.”

Strudwick stated that De Gea would be undergoing a significantly more strenuous workout this season than the one he undertook last year, claiming that the extra pressure of Champions League football would demand at least ten extra hours per week in the gym.

“If Dave thought last season was bad on his back, just wait until he’s single-handedly keeping us in a tight Champions League group decider, he’ll thank me for all the Swiss ball leg curls and towel cable rolls then,” said the experienced coach.

Strudwick confirmed that the severity of De Gea’s weight regime was surprising even to him, and that only time would tell if the goalkeeper could handle it.

“Three seasons of carrying a club is something neither we nor the sport science world in general has experience with. All we can do is build his strength and hope he doesn’t do himself serious damage.”

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