Jack Grealish not yet sure which country to underachieve with


Saying that it’s not a decision that one can make lightly, Aston Villa midfielder Jack Grealish has stated today that he is no closer to deciding which country out of Ireland or England he will choose to underachieve with.

Grealish stated it was a big decision and that he would weigh up all of the variables before choosing one country over another with which to play out years of disappointment on the international stage.

Deciding over the inevitable disappointment of the underdog in Ireland or the heartbreaking yet equality inevitable failure of a major nation like England is something that has kept him up at night, said Grealish.

“It’s a tough one,” admitted the attacker. “Do I go for the quick, almost painless disappointment with Ireland where I know I’m going to fail? Or do I choose the long, drawn out and painful failure of England? It’s not easy.”

He took time to thank the Aston Villa staff for their help with the decision making process by allowing him to experience every kind of disappointment imaginable.

At press time, Grealish said that he’d most likely delay his decision until after England’s quarter final exit from next year’s European Championships in France.

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