Claudio Ranieri promises to let Leicester players stay up late, watch cartoons if side keep winning


Having told his players that he’d buy them pizza if they keep on winning, Leicester City manager Claudio Ranieri has added an extra incentive for his squad, saying he might even let them stay up late and watch cartoons if their good run continues.

The Italian manager’s side sit in second place in the Premier League, unbeaten after five games, having been predicted to struggle under him.

If they can keep it up, there may be more than pizza on offer, said the former Chelsea coach, giving an indication of the motivation techniques he has used at the club.

“Oh, there’ll be pizza,” said Ranieri. “But if they’re good, and I mean really good, a little birdie told me there might some cartoons and an extended bed time.”

The coach added however that though cartoons will be permitted, it will be for one night only and will not be considered unless they win convincingly.

“We don’t want bad habits forming,” added the ex-Monaco coach, who also confirmed that racist orgies are off the table for the time being too.

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