Olivier Giroud excited at “myriad possibilities” of letting side down after Champions League red card


Saying that he wasn’t aware of the “myriad possibilities” at his disposal, Arsenal striker Olivier Giroud has expressed excitement at discovering new ways to let his side down after his sending off in the Champions League in midweek.

Often derided for his poor finishing, Giroud has been criticised for what was considered a foolish red card on Wednesday in Arsenal’s 2-1 Champions League loss to Dinamo Zagreb.

Far from letting the criticism get to him, the former Montpellier forward has instead stated that he feels “utterly galvanised” after the incident.

“At first I thought missing chances was all I could do, but this red card has opened my eyes. The look in my teammates’ and manager’s eyes – you don’t get that scorn from a missed chance,” said a giddy Giroud speaking to the Arsenal website today. “The possibilities are endless now.”

“Even if I don’t get any chances to miss, I’ll never let my head drop again, because I now know I have much more to offer. Against Chelsea, I might spit at someone or do something cool I don’t even know about yet, who knows?” added the Frenchman.

Giroud added that his latest revelation could be the biggest change to his own personal game since his 2007 discovery that being offside is actually a bad thing in football.

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