Diego Costa eager to test out new, “edgier” material on the road after Arsenal response


Stating that he simply could not be happier with how the opening night at Stamford Bridge went, Chelsea striker Diego Costa has expressed his eagerness and excitement at taking his new, edgier material on the road this season.

The Brazilian-born forward nipped, swiped and pawed his way to getting Arsenal centre back Gabriel sent off on Saturday afternoon, in a performance described by one pundit as “even more Machiavellian than usual”.

Costa stated that it’s always great to test out new stuff in front of the comfort of your home crowd, but that the real test will come away from home.

“This new stuff is certainly more visceral, more edgy, for sure,” said the naturalised Spaniard. “People on television and the internet yesterday seemed to either hate it or love it, which is what I’m all about.”

“The crowd were great, and there were certainly some boos. It’s the perfect springboard for me to bring this new, fresh approach to stadiums around England,” added the former Atletico Madrid, saying that, as an artist, he always wants to try and work the environment around him.

“What I’m really looking to do though, and the purists among you will already have realised this, is push the boundaries of human acceptance. What will people take? What pushes them over the edge? All these things fascinate me.”

Costa added that if the reception of his material is positive, he’d be remiss to dismiss the possibility of introducing a “touch of light, artistic manslaughter” into his act next season.

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