Brendan Rodgers confident of Liverpool future after “healthy discussions” with portrait of himself


Saying that it was always great to get the chance to speak with such a wise and powerful man, Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers today expressed confidence regarding his future at the club after what he described as “healthy discussions” with the portrait of himself in his home.

The manager has been under pressure since his side’s poor showing in a 3-1 defeat to rivals Manchester United last week, pressure that sources believed to have been heightened after their 1-1 home draw with Norwich on Sunday.

The Northern Irishman however was positive today, after the conversation with his “inspiration and muse alike” had alleviated any fears he may have had.

“We had a long, healthy discussion and we settled on a common view. It’s always a true honour to speak to him,” said the former Swansea manager. “It was heated, I won’t lie. But it was healthy.”

“To know you’ve got someone as honest and approachable, someone so outstanding in their field always there to talk to, it just makes things easier,” he added.

Rodgers revealed that he was lucky to have someone so close to him that he admired and could always talk to, and that there is nothing in this world he could learn that couldn’t be learned from him.

“To get to speak to my hero whenever I want, I’m a lucky man.”

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