David Cameron reminds everyone he still doesn’t know the difference between West Ham and Aston Villa


Laughing maniacally and scratching his head, David Cameron today reminded the public that he still doesn’t know the difference between West Ham United and Aston Villa.

“Remember when I couldn’t tell the difference between them? Well here’s one for you, I still can’t!” said the 48 year old to assembled journalists today.

“Talk about being a bloody fool,” said the prime minister. “Boy is my face red.”

Cameron went onto explain how despite being told often, he was still no closer to being able to separate “the obviously different association football sport clubs”.

“I mean, how dang dumb does one need to be? When will I get it through my head, eh? EARTH TO DUMB DUMB,” added the Conservative party leader, as he motioned to knock on his cranium as if it were a piece of wood. “Nothing more embarrassing than that, it must be said.”

Cameron stated that he’s always prided himself on being a good sport and that he was happy for everyone to “let [him] have it” if they wanted.

At press time, Cameron was struggling to subdue growing calls of “pig fucker” from those in attendance.

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