Dick Advocaat out of ideas to get through work day


Revealing that he mostly plays games on his phone and scribbles on his note pad to pass the time, Sunderland manager Dick Advocaat has admitted that he’s not sure what to do now at the club.

Advocaat has struggled in his second season after the club, having helped them survive last season, with no wins in the first six Premier League games. Though remaining somewhat upbeat, the former Rangers boss admitted he’s at something of a loss.

“Aw heck, I dunno, it’s alright I guess. But there’s not much to do here. The coaches take training and really I’m so zoned out by the weekend that matches are pretty much an afterthought,” said the 67 year old.

Advocaat claimed that once he’d spent a few hours of StumbleUpon and worked his way through his Facebook feed, there was little else to do.

“Yeah, there’s always Snake and Candy Crush, but there’s only so much of that I can play at my age,” he admitted, before excitingly adding that he’s “got a pretty sweet thing going on FPL this year”.

At a loss for what to do for the rest of the day, Advocaat welcomed ideas from fans on his predicament at the club.

“I’m not a proud man, if anyone’s got any suggestions, holler at Big Dick, yeah?” added the Dutchman as he decided to clock out early.

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