Ferguson and Pogba get room


(Photo: JOE.co.uk)

After years of slinging mud at each other, Alex Ferguson and his former Manchester United player Paul Pogba have gotten a room, according to sources close to both men.

The two men have long disliked each other, with the French midfielder still unhappy over Ferguson’s treatment of him while at Old Trafford and the Scot unhappy with what he has perceived as disrespect from his former player.

“We have all hated seeing the two of them go at each other like this,” said former Manchester United defender Patrice Evra. “For ages we’ve been suggesting they just get a room and be done with it.”

However, intermediaries close to both said today that the two have reconciled and, after an initial phone call, have got a room.

“Sir Alex and Paul got a room in a Turin hotel this afternoon and emerged about two hours later,” claimed a source in the Italian city. “Everyone who knows both of them feels this is for the best.”

The source added that both men left the hotel in central Turin “not long ago” and were “absolutely beaming”.

When contacted for comment, Ferguson refused to confirm or deny the rumours, but did say that “Paul isn’t such a bad lad after all”.

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