Anthony Martial wondering when the competitive football starts

Martial stated that for himself to develop, he needs to be playing actual competitive teams. (Photo: Sky Sports)

Martial stated that to develop, he needs to be playing actual competitive teams. (Photo: Sky Sports)

Saying that he really thought the Premier League season started earlier, Manchester United striker Anthony Martial has asked teammates when the side’s competitive football starts.

Martial has enjoyed a better than expected start to his career at Old Trafford, though the 19 year old French striker has been left confused as to why the club haven’t begun playing actual football teams yet.

“I love it here, I really do,” said the former Monaco man. “And as fun as these first few games have been, I’d really like to get some challenging games under my belt. Before I moved I had assumed the season would have started by now.”

Martial added that though he was really grateful to have the chance to get some easy games in first as a professional he feels that he needs competitive football soon to truly be able to push on and improve.

“It’s great to get some game time in matches like this,” he stated after Manchester United’s 3-0 win over Sunderland. “But naturally I’m reserving some energy for when the season actually starts.”

“At the moment I’m just walking through these teams, which is great and all, but at some point I wouldn’t mind some competition.”

At press time, Martial was seen giving fellow attacker Wayne Rooney some tips on how best to settle into life in English football.

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