Arturo Vidal issues tearful apology after turning up sober for Chile training

Vidal Cry

Frantically attempting to wipe a torrent of tears from his cheeks, a solemn Arturo Vidal today issued an apology to the Chilean FA and his teammates after turning up to training fully sober this morning.

Flanked by his coach Jorge Sampaoli and his captain Claudio Bravo, an emotional Vidal expressed remorse to his family and fans after what he described as “utterly unacceptable behaviour”.

“All I can do is offer my sincerest apologies, I don’t know what else to say,” said the Bayern Munich midfielder. “To be offered second chances continuously by people and persist in letting them down is something I must stop doing.”

Vidal revealed that he knew as soon as arriving for training that he shouldn’t be there, and attempted to excuse himself in the hope of finding a bar nearby, but was soon accosted by a furious Sampaoli.

“Arturo has to learn sooner or later that certain standards are expected of him, he’s wasting his talent,” said the coach, adding that Vidal’s blood alcohol level was at a disgraceful level of .00.

“It’s disappointing to see a player of his quality constantly make decisions that may jeopardise his career.”

Speaking prior to Chile’s match with Brazil on Thursday, Vidal assured those in attendance that the incident wouldn’t be repeated, adding that he’d be popping for some pre-match vodkas just to be safe.

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