Brendan Rodgers “delighted” after replacing returned Liverpool suit with 40 Primark t-shirts


Rodgers feels his new additions are capable of accomplishing just as much as the suit, pictured, did.

Saying that he was happy with his completed business given current market circumstances, Brendan Rodgers revealed today that he has returned his club suit to Liverpool, replacing it with 40 t-shirts from Primark.

Rodgers returned the suit to his former employers having been relieved of his duties on Sunday evening, with the former manager acting quickly to replace it.

Speaking to media today, Rodgers stated that while it was a shame to let go of the suit, he feels that the short sleeved garments, costing £7 each, would be “more than capable replacements”.

“It was never going to be easy to replace such a quality suit,” said Rodgers of the tailored Italian garment valued at £5000. “I had some great times in it but all things come to an end. I feel like these new additions to my wardrobe will be just as successful.”

Rodgers admitted that despite having never tried on some of the predominantly white cotton t-shirts, he had been reliably informed that they were of a high quality.

“Yes, I haven’t tried them all on personally but I have many people close to me whose opinions I trust dearly on matters like this,” he insisted.

“You never know what’s going to happen, you might get a stain or a few rips as time goes by. But when I look at what I’ve assembled here I’m optimistic for the future,” said the Northern Irishman, adding that often it’s not the clothes that are important, but what you do with them.

“I wouldn’t have bought them if I didn’t have every confidence in them,” he added.

At press time, Rodgers was weighing up purchasing seven 1992 Ford Fiestas to replace his club car, which he also returned today.

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