Hooligan looks forward to being overly aggressive in less commercial surroundings on non-league day


Saying that it will be nice to have a bit of a change, football hooligan Karl Osborne has expressed excitement today at being able to bring his own brand of overly aggressive behaviour to less commercial surroundings on non-league day.

A yearly event, non-league day takes place during international week to try and encourage people to go and watch their local non-league team play, something Osborne thinks is a great idea.

“I’m a big fan of it,” said the 25 year old barman. “The Premier League is great and the football is brilliant but eventually you get jaded fighting outside the same glossy stadiums every week.”

With glitz and glamour becoming a part of Premier League hooliganism more and more, Osborne revealed that it was the allure of quiet, sleepy hamlets and quaint grounds that first attracted him to non-league day.

“You’ve got these wee villages that have never seen a group of 300 men screaming and smashing glasses everywhere so it’s a new experience for everyone,” he said, adding that his antisemitic chants can be heard far better in smaller grounds as well.

“It’s a real family atmosphere, fathers and sons ripping shreds out of strangers. It’s beautiful.”

At press time, Osborne confirmed that he would be bringing his six year old son, Ty, with him to “show him what hooliganism is really about”.