Qatar 2022 migrant workers appeal for additional blogs, articles as plight continues


Toiling in the dessert heat, the migrant workers currently building stadiums for the Qatar 2022 World Cup have appealed to the writers and bloggers of the world for a further supply of blogs and articles to finally improve working conditions in the country.

Investigations last year revealed that migrant workers in the country, mostly Nepalese in nationality, suffer horrendous treatment under the Qatari kafala system, which prevents them from working legally and in some cases stops them from leaving the country. Some estimates claim over 1,000 workers have died during construction.

Despite a swell of support and articles earlier in the year, workers revealed today that reform remains a long way away and appealed to bloggers and journalists to write some more sympathetic articles in support of them.

“We’re down to our last outrage piece from a little-read site on Blogger, it’s getting critical,” said an unnamed worker today. “We worked our way from the broadsheets to the tabloids to the blogs.”

“Soon, we will have little left aside from Facebook statuses and angry tweets,” he added.

Amnesty International responded to the appeal by issuing a statement reiterating that migrant workers in Qatar may need close to 25,000 blogs written about them to make it through the winter without further major casualties, saying that “every thinkpiece, no matter how short, can help these people”.

“If anything is going to stop this madness, it’s 1,500 words of your faux angry writings,” said the organisation. “Turn on that laptop and do the right thing.”

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