LAD Bible accidentally plagiarises itself

John Ladman addressing the media today.

John Ladman addressing the media today.

LAD Bible editors apologised to staff and readers alike after it emerged today that the website had been plagiarising its own content for well over a month.

The website, very popular among men with the minds of children, has long been accused of, and denied, stealing content from various sources around the internet without giving credit.

Speaking today however, the site’s editors issued an emotional apology. “We here at the LAD Bible would like to apologise profusely for any offence caused to the LAD Bible. We take pride in the hilarious shit we post and will ensure this mistake never happens again,” said editor in chief John Ladman.

“If I didn’t know any better I’d say it was a woman that did it,” he added to a rapturous drag of knuckles across the floor.

Ladman revealed that the site followed all usual protocol during the period in which the plagiarism took place but that somehow they had ended up copying their own work.

“It’s hard [laughs] to know exactly what happened. We did our usual search of Reddit and Facebook and Twitter and somehow ended up plagiarising our own stuff,” he admitted, adding that they only noticed their error after having even less work than usual to do on their articles.

“Usually we add our own homophobic or sexist spin on things we steal and we quickly noticed that many of our recent articles didn’t need any added. At first we thought that they were just really great, sexist and homophobic pieces but after some digging we’d realised what we had done.”

A spokesman insisted that the site had learned its lesson, and that it would only plagiarise sites that weren’t the LAD Bible in future.

The LAD Bible later revealed in a statement that it had accepted the LAD Bible’s apology.

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