Tim Sherwood can’t believe unchanged management style yielding unchanged results


Aston Villa manager Tim Sherwood has expressed his astonishment that his redeployment of the same managerial techniques that nearly got his side relegated last season have yet to provoke a turnaround in the club’s fortunes this term.

Speaking to the media today, Sherwood stated he was baffled that he and his management team’s utter refusal to address persistent issues with his side or change their approach had failed to improve their situation.

“It’s a puzzler, that’s for sure. I’m running round in circles here trying to wrap my mind around it,” said the former Tottenham Hotspur coach, adding despite not changing his side’s tactics he hadn’t seen one tactical improvement.

“We’ve done nothing and yet everything’s the same as it was last year. Sometimes it’s as if this management lark is more than shouting and pointing,” he laughed before sources say he stared off into space as if he had seen a ghost.

“I don’t know what more we can do. It’s the same action with the same outcome, it boggles the mind. But we’ll push on and keep doing the exact same things over and over again.”

Despite the pressure on his side, Sherwood insisted that he would continue to work hard coming up with a consistent stream of ever more meaningless platitudes.

“As long as I’m coach, I’ll get the head down, keep on swinging and you can take that to the bank. The milkman is coming up high on the weekend.”

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