James McClean writes letter to West Brom fans to explain all future transgressions


Saying that he’d rather get it all sorted out before there was any ill will, West Bromwich Albion midfielder James McClean wrote an open letter to the club and its fans today explaining the reasons behind all of his future transgressions.

Facing scrutiny for his recent behaviour and his consistent refusal to wear a poppy commemorating Britain’s soldiers, the Northern Irishman said it made more sense to explain everything he is currently doing and everything he will do in advance.

“I would like to apologise for anything I have yet to do but must certainly will that will likely cause offence to a number of you,” said the midfielder, adding that he hoped the letter would allow his critics to get their anger for all his future acts out of the way early.

McClean also took time to apologise for any and all offensive tweets he may send, saying that they will more than likely have been a response to someone trying to annoy him and that he will no doubt learn from his mistake afterward.

“Just know, and I mean this, that any and all things I do in future will no doubt be based upon a deep-held feeling that I know to be both sensible and true to myself. And definitely not sectarianism which I definitely do not love to take part in.”

McClean also responded to claims by his coach Tony Pulis that he’s “not the sharpest tool in the box” by saying he’d “expect nothing else from a Brit bastard”.