Football teams’ social media managers eager to show whole new kind of ineptitude on Back To The Future day


Social media managers of football teams across England have expressed excitement at being able to showcase a whole new and different kind of ineptitude on Back To The Future day.

Speaking today, a spokesperson for social media managers of Football League and Premier League clubs said that it would allow them to really put their repertoire of hackneyed and humourless content to use.

“Most of our cheap, poorly thought out content is on everyday football matters. To be able to take that approach and come up with a really atrocious series of tweets on an institution like this is a fantastic opportunity,” read a statement today, adding that they are glad people will get the chance to see their versatility.

“It’s also a treat to get to show how out of touch we are with the public in terms of things other than football.”

At press time, hundreds of football teams’ social media managers were calling their colleagues together to discuss potential jokes about things called “hover-boots” and “hover-footballs”.

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