Genius football fan always knows what teams should have done


Describing it as something that he was born with, a genius football fan revealed today he has the innate ability of knowing exactly what teams should have done during a match.

Local man and Manchester United Dean McGill stated that he doesn’t remember the first time he noticed his God-given ability but that it had grown in power over the years.

“It’s like breathing, I can just do it. If a player does something on a pitch that doesn’t work, somehow I know immediately that he should have done something else, it’s weird. But it’s who I am,” said the part-time egg picker, revealing that his friends regularly describe the unique talent as “eerie”.

McGill admitted that his sixth sense also applies to other footballing situations.

“If a manager selects a team that doesn’t perform as expected, I suddenly know what he team he should have chosen, from the goalkeeper to the forwards, I just have it in me,” claimed McGill, adding that if a player gets sent off, he can instantly tell what the player should have done instead.

“Some people say it’s amazing. I don’t know about that, I’m just a normal guy who knows a lot about football.”

At press time the 25-year-old revealed that he had spent the last number of weeks getting his affairs in order as he prepares for the deluge of footballing job offers no doubt on their way.