Migrant worker defends Qatar human rights record


A migrant worker in Qatar has spoken out defending the country’s controversial human rights record under the oppressive regime.

Speaking to state media, 35-year-old Spanish worker Xavi said that despite hearing plenty of stories about alleged abuse, he’d experienced nothing of the sort.

“I don’t know what anyone’s talking about. You hear a lot of media reports but my experience has been nothing but positive. Sure, it’s hot here but there’s plenty of swimming pools and rooftop bars. It’s great,” said the midfielder, adding that some people perhaps just aren’t suited to the work ethic in the country.

“They work hard here, that’s for sure. Sometimes I don’t get home from training until close to two o’clock, but would I call it abuse? Hardly.”

The former Barcelona man admitted that it’s not all positive, claiming that it sometimes takes up to a week for his favourite Catalan food to get imported to the state, before adding that he “struggles on regardless”.

At press time, he stated that if other migrant workers really disliked Qatar so much, they should just get into their private jets and leave.