Jose Mourinho blames spectre of American gun violence for West Ham defeat


Commending his players for playing at all in the face of such a large problem, Jose Mourinho has blamed the continuing problem of gun violence in America for his side’s defeat to West Ham on Saturday afternoon.

Asked whether he felt his players could have done more to recover the game, Mourinho stated he’d rather more be done to stop thousands of Americans dying at the hands of guns every year.

“I am proud of my players, I really am. They go out there and they fight in spite of this shadow of violence in the United States. How are they supposed to perform knowing that innocent people are perishing by the hour?” asked the Portuguese manager, adding that while his players are pros, they are also human.

“It is terrifying, how is someone meant to focus on football knowing that at any moment someone could come up behind them and shoot them if they lived in America?”

He also absolved midfielder Nemanja Matic of blame over his red card, citing “uncontrollable stress” over the US record of police shootings.

“My players shouldn’t have to go through their day knowing that if they lived in a different place and had a different skin colour, they might get gunned down for simply being who they are.”

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