Wayne Rooney’s birthday party descends into chaos after striker burns down kitchen trying to pass the potatoes


Wayne Rooney and his family are said to be “a little shaken but unharmed” after the striker’s 30th birthday descended into chaos when he inadvertently started a fire in his kitchen while trying to pass the potatoes.

Rooney was said to have been preparing to sit down for a birthday meal with his wife, children and parents when, while trying to pass the potatoes to his wife, they flew out of his hand, hit off a gas stove an immediately caught fire before falling onto a rug on the tiled floor, which then also caught fire.

The player’s attempts to recover the situation are reported to have only made things worse when while picking up the container of flaming potatoes he accidentally dropped it onto an enormous gas cannister inexplicably located on his kitchen floor.

Speaking after the close call, Rooney said that he was happy with his efforts to pass the potatoes and that it was always satisfying to get your family out safely.

“I think I passed the potatoes quite well, I wouldn’t do anything differently if I was in that situation again. I looked up, decided where I was putting them and sadly it just didn’t work out. I’m not going to beat myself up, dinner is dinner and anything can happen.”