Premier League youth footballer can’t wait for long career in lower leagues to start


Saying that he’s dreamed of it for a long time, Premier League youth footballer Jimmy McManus has confirmed today that he can’t wait for his long career in the lower leagues to begin.

McManus revealed that he feels that years of working within top class training centres and with some of the world’s best youth coaches has given him the perfect platform to slowly but surely drop down the leagues as his career goes on.

“From the moment I joined my current club as a 14 year old I’ve looked forward to the day that I begin my steady descent down the through the levels of professional football,” said the 19 year old forward, adding that if he works hard, he feels he can achieve his goal of gaining promotion from League One by the time he reaches his thirties.

“Some coaches told me I might even be good enough for a lower table Championship team. I’m realistic though. I know I’m going to have work my way up.”

At press time, McManus also expressed his excitement at retiring without any acceptable level of education and the financial oblivion that awaits him in the years to come.