Tim Sherwood sacked two hours into first Football Manager job since leaving Villa


Tim Sherwood has been sacked just two hours into his first Football Manager job since leaving Aston Villa, according to sources close to the coach.

Feeling the need to return to the game as soon as possible, Sherwood is said to have jumped at the opportunity of appointing himself as manager of Real Madrid, telling friends and family that he was delighted to finally get the opportunity to manage at a top club, saying he had “found [his] level”.

Having spent over €200 million in the summer, purchasing over 25 players for the club, Sherwood’s side immediately struggled and the manager was relieved of his duties with the Spanish giants languishing in 17th place and without a win in two months.

A board statement wished Sherwood the best in his future endeavours but cited a “lack of a discernible plan or tactics” as their reasons for the decision.

“It’s disappointing. I’ve only just sat down,” said a solemn looking Sherwood this morning. “I expected to at least be given until the afternoon to set things straight but that’s football.”

At press time, a now inconsolable Sherwood was retrieving the pieces of his laptop from the floor having been sacked an hour into his newest game.

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