Wayne Rooney dresses up as player long past prime for Halloween


Wayne Rooney was widely praised today for what was described as a “stunning and spot on” depiction of a player long past his prime, as Manchester United faced Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park this afternoon.

The forward stunned fans and teammates by turning up in full costume prior to the game and wearing it throughout the entirety of the match.

“It was amazing, fair play to him. The whole costume was absolutely perfect,” said Man Utd fan Rich McGuirk, adding that the striker had thought of everything, from the poor first touch to the near total lack of pace.

His teammates also praised the captain’s attention to detail with his outfit, with midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger remarking that Rooney even remembered to include the anguished look of a man who knows his best years are long gone.

“It was freaky how accurate he got it,” said the German.

At press time, fans were hoping that Rooney might next year dress up as a player no longer at the club.

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