Robbie Savage dangerously close to emitting words of note in response to Terry, say BT Sport colleagues


Describing the eerie and uncomfortable feeling around the office, BT Sport employees revealed the clear feeling today that their colleague Robbie Savage may be dangerously close to uttering something of interest after remarks made about him by Chelsea captain John Terry.

Terry on Tuesday hit back at criticism aimed at him by the former Birmingham and Blackburn midfielder, saying that while he accepts jibes from former top players, he would not accept such comments from someone who had played “at a really bad level” throughout their career.

The comments are said to have hit Savage hard, with sources at BT Sport reporting that he was exhibiting “erratic” behaviour. “It’s creepy and we’re all on egg shells here. We’re not jumping to conclusions but it’s almost as if he’s trying to formulate a thought,” said a producer at the station, adding that staff had noticed something was amiss when Savage failed to shout the once-famous Budweiser slogan “Whasssup?” upon entering the premises on Wednesday morning, as he does every day.

“There’s a real ominous air about the place that he might emit words actually worthy of speech. This sense of foreboding has not been helped by the worrying act of watching him sit and attempt to write words.”

At press time, BT Sport colleagues had informed higher management of their concerns after seeing Savage look at a single sheet of paper almost as if he was reading it.

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