Steven Gerrard eager for “one last crack” at failing to win the league

Gerrard admitted it would be hard to resist having

Gerrard admitted it would be hard to resist having “one last crack” at not winning the Premier League.

In a stunning turn of events, LA Galaxy midfielder Steven Gerrard has expressed his desire to rejoin Liverpool on loan, citing what he calls a burning desire to fail to win the league again.

He is said to have discussed the possibility of temporarily rejoining the club with new manager Jurgen Klopp after a mixed season in MLS.

Though Galaxy have so far been unwilling to discuss a loan deal similar to those undertaken by David Beckham and Landon Donovan, the former Liverpool captain has admitted the attraction towards having another go at tragic failure with his boyhood club.

“The lifestyle and weather here is great, and the lads are friendly. But there’s not that same satisfaction from failing to win the league here as there is in England,” said the 35-year-old, adding that since Klopp joined Liverpool he hadn’t been able to shake the thought of returning to join him for one last, crushing disappointment.

“In many ways I really wish I could turn back the clock. You can never tell what might have happened but if Jurgen had joined Liverpool a few years ago I think we could’ve failed to win a lot of league titles together.”

At press time, Gerrard revealed that he had been impressed by Klopp’s management style, and that he’d be honoured to contribute to his team’s failure in any way he could.