Louis van Gaal urges fans to attend matches to watch team, not him


Louis van Gaal has urged Manchester United fans to come to games to watch the team play rather than merely watch him.

Speaking to media after his side’s 2-0 home win over West Bromwich Albion, the Dutchman said that while he understood the allure of watching him for 90 consecutive minutes, fans should really come to games to watch Manchester United player football.

“I would advise all fans of Manchester United to come to our games, not to watch me but to watch our hardworking players,” said the former Netherlands coach, adding that he is mature enough to have no problem not being watched during a game but that his players deserve it.

“These men put in hour after hour of work in training and they deserve your attention much more than me. I get it, I’m your manager and you want to see what my reaction is, but believe me, what’s happening on the pitch is at least marginally more interesting.”

At press time, the manager also advised fans against getting his name printed on the back of their replica shirts, urging them to have them adorned with the names of the club’s players instead.

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