Sweden to power country using Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s sense of self worth


Sweden has revealed new and potentially groundbreaking plans to power the country’s entire energy grid using Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s sense of self worth.

Facing up to increasingly relevant issues of climate change from fossil fuel use, the country’s energy department took the novel step to utilise what they have described as a “wholly clean and endless” supply of the striker’s self worth.

“This is an exciting day for Swedes everywhere. With the use of this constantly renewable and ever increasing energy source, our days of paying high sums for gas and oil are at an end,” said Swedish Minister for Energy Ibrahim Baylan at a press conference, adding that the Manchester United forward has been using his own sense of self to power his home and his vehicles for years.

The minister revealed that Sweden had gotten the idea from Portugal, who have been powering its energy grid for nearly a decade purely from the glow emitted from Cristiano Ronaldo.

At press time, the country’s government released guidelines regarding the energy’s use, revealing the strong chance of major irritation if exposed to high volumes of Ibrahimovic’s self worth.