Jose Mourinho rules out asking Chelsea board for new scapegoats in January 


(Photo: Sky Sports)

Saying that he’s more than happy with his current crop, Jose Mourinho has revealed today that he won’t ask the Chelsea board for new scapegoats in the January transfer window.

Speaking after his side’s 1-0 home win against Norwich, the Portuguese manager stated that while you can never have too many people to blame for something that’s your fault, he feels that his current supply is sufficient.

“There are a lot of very talented potential scapegoats out there on the market, but I’ve got a whole squad full of guys who I’m more than prepared to throw under the bus. I feel I’m more than capable of shifting blame to the players I already have here,” said the former Real Madrid manager, adding that he had seen more than enough in his squad to suggest their capable of shouldering much more unwarranted blame throughout the season.

“We had some plans for the summer and players we thought would be perfect to criticise for mistakes I make but in the end, we have this group and we have to push on. Football is about working with what you have and I feel these players can take much more undeserved abuse.”

At press time, Mourinho insisted that his players be judged for his managerial errors at the end of the season and no sooner.

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