Zidane not looking to become Madrid manager until at least a few more Benitez fucks ups

Zinedine Zidane has rejected allegations that he is set to take the manager’s job at Real Madrid, insisting that he is happy to remain coach of Castilla at least until Rafael Benitez make a few more fuck ups.

Speaking days after Real Madrid’s 4-0 defeat to rivals Barcelona at the Bernabeu, the former midfielder stated that he was perfectly happy to remain as coach of the club’s reserve side until Benitez fucked things up enough for expectations to drop a few notches.

“I love this club but Benitez is the manager and has a long contract. He’s got some years left and that’s more than enough time to steer this club to a point of catastrophe whereby anything I do as a replacement will be an upgrade,” said Zidane, adding that Benitez had shown more than enough to suggest things will get infinitely worse.

“I think we should give him time to at least do that.”

At press time, the former Juventus player stated that once Benitez had fully embarrassed himself he’d be happy to step in.

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