Connor Wickham donates 1p to charity for every minute of silence during Sunderland game

(Photo: AFP Photo/Ben Stansall)

(Photo: AFP Photo/Ben Stansall)

Crystal Palace’s on-loan striker Connor Wickham has revealed that he will donate 1 pence for every minute of silence he undertook during last night’s game against Sunderland to charity Help For Heroes, sources confirmed today.

The 22 year old was criticised on social media for having what was described as a quiet 75 minutes in front of goal for the Eagles, before revealing post match that he had purposely been avoiding influencing the play in any way to raise money for Britain’s fallen military personnel.

“I’m a footballer – yes – but I’m also a human man and I have a lot of appreciation for what our troops do out there. I try to support them in any way that I possibly can,” said the former Ipswich man, adding that despite his side losing on the night he was happy to gain a fiscal win for Britain’s dead soldiers.

“People may say that I’m the real hero for what I’ve done but it’s the least I could do. I literally couldn’t have done any less.”

At press time, Wickham revealed that from next week he will donate 0.05 pence for every chance he would have dispatched if he was a better player.

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